We supply & optimise power to harness on-shore wind and solar energy using ground-breaking analytic solutions


Optimise the power of real-time sustainable energy

Our strategic partner Hartree, have over three decades concentrated on data and analytics in power markets globally. This has enabled us the development of market leading AI optimisation modules that can be use to manage the risk of intermittent renewable assets. More detail can be found on our Europe and US joint venture partner Hartree Power website.

Unique AI technology enables our trading desk to monitor, forecast and optimize real-time

AI modelling and technology allows our traders to optimise energy assets remotely in response to live changes and developments. As a result, we can convert intermittent volatile power from renewable assets into stable volumes that can be hedged or converted into PPAs. Securing in gains and removing merchant market volatility.


Presently developing


onshore wind in projects

Presently developing


solar projects

Presently developing


battery storage projects


of renewable energy assets under development

Proprietary multi-year S&D modelling

and simulation package with automated updates & data feeds

Bespoke modelling of demand

renewables, border flows, embedded assets and system charging structures

Full pricing models

for retail consumers and integrated asset solutions

We stack different generation types

to consistently deliver to a power shape

Unlock the power of renewables

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