for investors

Renewable energy presents one of the greatest new investment opportunities

It brings its own unique set of challenges to achieve secure, stable investment return objectives that also deliver on wider Sustainable Development Goals.

The opportunities to invest in and benefit from new generation renewable technologies are huge but the challenges are unique

AMPYR Energy has the skills, track record and market insight to identify, secure, deliver and operate the most promising energy opportunities and navigate the complexities of the merchant market.

AMPYR Energy has over 10 years’ experience developing renewable energy projects, mostly large-scale on-shore wind and solar but also including battery storage and hydro. We understand how to identify and secure the projects with highest performance potential; to secure the necessary consents and permits in often complex political and planning environments; to procure and manage construction and delivery in challenging terrains; to optimise procurement through global equipment supply chains and relationships; and to manage operation, maintenance and supply through an advanced AI-based systems and tools.

We have an unrivalled level of insight into energy markets and how they are likely to evolve during the transition to net zero

This also informs our development asset selection and strategies for delivery in order to maximise investment returns.

We understand the investment return requirements of a wide range of global investors and are able to structure investments to achieve a variety of investment goals. We have built up a range of exceptionally strong relationships through creating highly successful investment platforms and portfolios over the last 10 years that have exceeded investment return objectives while securing wider Sustainable Development Goals for our partners.

We bring an investment owner’s mindset to the discipline of investing and developing. We deploy our own capital to secure development assets and structure investment portfolios and only introduce and deploy third party capital when asset pools are fully controlled, de-risked and development through to operation is straightforward.

Because of our integrated energy market trading capability, we are able to take balanced exposure to merchant risk and long-term security of PPA/offtake contracts with major power users.

Dedicated in-house development teams on the ground in Bangalore, London, Singapore and Sydney

Supported by a development and asset management team in India

Data driven/ AI based operation and management using our unique Blue Infra (™) technology platform to optimise power generation and supply.

Health and Safety focus

Through training and prioritising safe operations, culture of continuous improvement, development capability is inhouse and delivered by an experienced and fully-integrated global team adept at coordinating large-scale real asset development.

In essence, ours is a completely personalised, end-to-end service that provides a greater chance of developments completing successfully.