Lower Cost, Cleaner Power

Solar and Storage PPAs

We develop, own and operate onsite solar generation and battery storage solutions for tenants and building owners with suitable rooftops or available co-located land. 


Onsite solar and storage is designed specifically to the demand profile and available area to connect “behind the meter” and reduce the cost associated with increasing electricity retail tariffs. 


Guarantees provide certainty to savings and protection against rising network, wholesale, environmental and retailer costs.  

Captive Infrastructure

For facilities with reliance on centralised plant and equipment required to heat, cool or power multi-tenant or industrial facilities, AMPYR provides long term financing arrangements to free up capital for core business investments and associated return on investment.


AMPYR will refinance existing or new captive infrastructure and combine with energy efficiency upgrades where these are determined feasible.

Corporate PPAs

AMPYR develops, owns and operates utility scale wind and solar projects for the purpose of filling residual demand that can’t be met through behind the meter solar or captive infrastructure solutions.  Power can be contracted from large wind and solar plants through corporate PPAs, delivering lower cost energy from clean sources. 


These arrangements can be set up through your existing retailer or through synthetic derivative style of contracts that provide long term hedges to the price of power.



AMPYR provides lower cost energy to large electricity users through renewable energy assets designed and developed specifically for our customers.


We develop, finance, own and operate renewable energy projects with no capital outlay and no ongoing maintenance cost.


The AMPYR team have worked together successfully financing and developed over 3GW of renewable energy assets across Asia Pacific.



Wind Energy

Wind Energy

AMPYR is currently developing wind energy projects across Australia and South Asia.


Wind projects can provide lower cost power solutions through corporate power purchase agreements. 

Hydro Energy 

The team is currently evaluating the acquisition of Hydro plants totaling a capacity of 500 MW  in Indonesia, Vietnam & India.

Solar Energy

AMPYR is currently delivering 100 MW of rooftop solar generation for a portfolio of industrial and logistic properties spread across Australia, China, South East Asia and South Asia. 

Captive Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency 

AMPYR will consider the refinancing or new finance for onsite infrastructure that provides power or energy related services to building owners. 

Combined with energy efficiency upgrades AMPYR will support capital expenditure for heavy industry and building owners. 



For any inquiries, questions or for a discussion on how AMPYR can support you, please call or fill out the following form:

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Interested in joining the AMPYR team? Please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@ampyrenergy.com


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