Energy users

AMPYR Energy promotes sustainability through true green energy from new solar and wind generation

We finance and construct on-shore solar and wind facilities

At AMPYR Energy, we do not simply recycle energy from other suppliers’ renewable projects; we finance, construct and operate solar, wind, battery, and energy storage projects both offsite and, where feasible, onsite enabling you to achieve true additionality.

For your customers, investors, and employees this is a huge indication that your organisation is leading the charge on carbon reduction and supporting the expansion of renewable energies.


Flexible PPAs to suit your needs

To achieve additionality you need to enter into long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). These long-term commitments to buy the electricity generated by a new project, provides the financial security to implement it.

AMPYR Energy is a leading PPA supplier with unrivalled energy market expertise, so we can sculpt the PPA precisely to fit your load requirements, be it a Sleeved PPA a Virtual PPA or a private wire connection.