for Land owners

We develop viable renewable projects that maximise the value of your land

We bring a partnership mindset and approach

Landowners benefit from the certainty that developments will get funded and become a reality

There are numerous benefits to forming partnership agreements for land for grid renewable development. But the process is not straight-forward. The complexities around development are numerous and landowners can end up with land agreements but no viable projects to generate revenue – if they align with an inexperienced development partner.

With AMPYR Energy, landowners benefit from the certainty that developments will get funded and become a reality. The reason we can be this confident is due to our unique integrated “permitting to asset management” offering and decades of cumulative experience.

We have unrivalled planning and delivery skills – our people are some of the best in the industry, comprising highly-skilled planners, grid analysts, landscape and technical consultants, design engineers and EPC managers. Added to that is our financial strength and access to capital.


Our business model is to develop and operate renewable energy

We utilise our own balance sheet to secure all the necessary permits and agreements to secure development opportunities and have strong relationships with a range of long-term investment partners which means we can deploy the large amounts of investment capital to deliver major projects with confidence.

Through our access to energy trading and supply capability, we are able to secure power offtake / use agreements with major power users which, in a subsidy-free market environment, mean that projects have the necessary financial security to support delivery and construction under a variety of commercial models.

We share the long-term perspective of land-owners and take responsibility for land stewardship.