Industry leader designed for a fully decarbonised energy future

Industry leaders designed to make renewable energy more stable for everyone

The world of renewable energy is very different today from what it once was. A few years ago, renewable deployment was driven by government intervention, but that is not the case anymore. Renewable energy is one of the most cost-competitive sources of energy in all the countries we operate in.

But the removal of renewable subsidies and the move to ‘merchant’ price exposure means you need a unique kind of partner with the skillset to operate and optimise this ‘new normal’ to benefit from a 100% green energy future.

Fortunately, AMPYR is an energy company created specifically to work within a competitive renewables world. We are an industry leader designed to make renewable energy more competitive, more stable, more certain and more secure for everyone.

We have an enviable track-record in sustainable development and energy trading to partner networks

The AMPYR team is made up of highly-specialised individuals from AGP Group and Hartree Partners; with a unique combination of skills across development, construction, operation, financing, commercialisation and risk management of renewable energy assets. All of whom share a passion for helping clients realise the power of sustainability. Between us, we have decades of experience in renewable energy IPPs as well as trading in merchant energy markets – with real-world case studies to back it.


Presently developing


onshore wind in projects

Presently developing


solar projects

Presently developing


battery storage projects


of renewable energy assets under development

Financial stability and funding capability

AMPYR Energy is well positioned to help lead global businesses towards a net zero future, with the financial strength to ensure ambitions are met and projects realised. We have a strong track-record of raising institutional capital at attractive terms and are known for our long-standing relationships with major global investors and lenders who have participated as lenders, investors or Limited Partners in a range of highly successful projects and portfolios.