AMPYR Energy Global Announces acquisition of a majority stake in EPTech for developing software solutions for critical infrastructure assets

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Date published 28.03.23

[London, 28th March 2023] AMPYR Energy Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“AMPYR Energy”) has acquired a majority stake in Energy Potential Tech Solutions Limited (“EPTech”) which develops software platforms for critical national infrastructure assets. EPTech through its proprietary products; “Cortex”, “Infinity” and “EMIT”, currently services electric power and multi utility companies within the UK. EPTech with this new partnership plans to become a market leading software services provider specialising in the energy, utility, water, and gas markets by providing innovative solutions which support the UK transition to net zero.

About AMPYR Energy

AMPYR Energy is a global renewable energy platform, established to accelerate a net-zero greenhouse emissions future and respond to the rapid changes in the energy sector worldwide. Headquartered in Singapore, with operations and assets in Australia, India, Europe/the United Kingdom and the United States, AMPYR Energy provides low-cost renewable power, battery storage and other network and non-network solutions to customers.

About EPTech

EPTech is a developer of enterprise software solutions for critical national infrastructure. EPTech provides a comprehensive set of software solutions and services for Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) and private network operators. The software platforms cover various business needs such as industry dataflow management, meter point administration, tariff management, billing and reporting. EPTech’s software helps its clients run their operations in a cost effective and efficient way while ensuring compliance with their regulatory obligations. EPTech is continuing to invest in its software and service offerings to create value for its clients and to expand its client base outside of the UK.

For more information please contact:
Andy Pace
Energy Potential Tech Solutions Limited
Tel: +44 788 184 0007

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